You can count on my discretion, my knowledge and experience. I will happily assist you in these exciting times of various changes a relocation causes. I will support you with my language skills and professional experience and you can have faith in my knowledge of places, which makes things easier and faster to organise and solve. The pictures of this website may give you a glimpse of your new area and the landscape awaiting you.

Provided relocation services are:

  • house hunting
  • official errand
  • travel arrangements in connection with relocation
  • all relevant plannings (i. e. relocation, renovation, interior and kitchen planning, ...)
  • interpreting when visiting authorities, if your personal attendance is required, as well as
  • translations and the complete handling of correspondence with all relevant contacts.

Beyond that I will attend to all further organisational things and questions regarding your new surroundings to get your new everyday life started easily for you and your family.

Your advantages as a company
  • Your new employee is able to concentrate on his new tasks because he will not be tied down with thousands of details concerning his private relocation. I will provide the necessary backup.
    As result he is implemented in your company very fast and efficiently – the gap in your organisation fills up quickly. For you this pays off well.
  • You can talk to one professional contact person for all questions concerning relocation. So you don’t have to contact many different suppliers (i. e. landlords, authorities, electricity suppliers, etc.).
  • You can calculate the costs for this service precisely because of a modular price system. It offers support in single tasks up to the assignment of the complete relocation package.
  • Save your precious ressources for your core business:
    I will look after answering all further questions your new employee and his family may have regarding relocation and the new surroundings.
  • You strenghten your corporate image and may gain a stronger commitment of your new employee to your company.
Advantages for you as expatriate / new employee / student
  • For organising your relocation you have an individual support and one professional contact person for all questions regarding relocation – not many different suppliers.
  • You save time and money because it will not be necessary to travel several times looking for a new flat or a new house. According to your individual convenience I will preselect the offers and arrange one appointment for viewing.
  • You can concentrate on your new activity – I will assist you and your family in accessing your new everyday life within your new surroundings (finding the way to work, school, post office, hospital, possibilites of shoping, selecting suppliers i. e. coiffeur, etc.).
Additional advantage for you as an university
When there is no space left in the hall of residence/dormitory, just leave finding additional residential property for your students to me. You will free up your ressources and can concentrate on your core business.